We are looking back on the successful ARCH24 conference held at Alto University in Helsinki, Finland. The BUILD CARE project gained a lot of interest, with members Anne-Sophie Schoss and Birgit Moser presenting first findings and reflections to an international audience from over 25 countries. This diverse group included experts from various disciplines such as architecture, research, psychology, and healthcare.

Anne-Sophie Schoss chaired her first-ever session and delivered an insightful talk on her findings from home visits, focusing on "Children with Stroke: An Investigation of Their Home Environment." Birgit Moser presented her poster titled "A Participatory Game to Explore the Relationship between Emotional Well-being and the Built Environment in Stroke-Affected Children" and won the Best Poster Award.

Participating in ARCH24 was an enriching experience, offering numerous opportunities for professional and academic growth, as well as discussions and exchanges with experts and researchers in the field. The insights gained and the connections made will undoubtedly have a positive impact on future work and research. We are excited to integrate these new perspectives and collaborations into the BUILD CARE project.

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PhD Students Birgit Moser, Anne-Sophie Schoss and Project Coordinator Maja Kevdzija