Thursday, February 29th is Rare Diseases Day. It aims to raise awareness for the community of over 300 million people worldwide living with a rare disease and their families. In the Build Care project, we investigate the role of the built environment in the everyday life of children and families affected. By gaining a more nuanced understanding of both the informal (i.e. home, neighbourhood, school) and formal (i.e. hospital, rehabilitation clinic, outpatient clinic) care environments, we aim to improve the everyday experiences of affected families and inform design(ers) on how to develop spaces that better fit their needs.

RxD colleagues put the spotlight on Rare Diseases and the Porter’s Lodge with their contribution to the ‘share your colours’ campaign

In support of 'Rare Disease Day' people are encouraged to create awareness for the initiative and make a colourful statement in their immediate environment. As childhood stroke is considered a rare disease, the Porter’s Lodge, Research[x]Designers' home (Pleuntje Jellema, Piet Tutenel, Andrea Jelić, & Ann Heylighen) in the Arenberg castle, is lit up with colours this week in support of all those that are affected.

For more ideas and initiatives see www.rarediseaseday.org.

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